Not Your Ordinary Board Room Meeting…

Gone are the day of bland board meetings.

Barnett on Washington hosts an array of Corporate Events throughout the year: Luncheons, Awards Ceremonies, Panel Discussions, Seminars, Board Meetings, and much more!

Monday – Friday (3 hour minimum)

Barnett Lounge

barnett-gallery-1 PhotoElegance_0014

Boardroom Seating – Up to 18 guests

Barnett Grand Hall

st-louis-event-space-4 st-louis-event-space-1 st-louis-event-space-2

Banquet Seating – Up to 60 guests

Theater Seating – Up to 180 guests

Corporate Events Include:

Private Room for 3 Hours

Complimentary Soft Beverage Service

Event Coordinator

All Tables & Chairs

In-House Sound System Including A/V Equipment

Complimentary Wi-Fi

On-Sit Security

Food & Beverage Options
Custom Packaged Lunch Provided by Russo’s

Beer & Wine

Premium Bar Package Upgrade

*We are happy to personalize your Barnett on Washington experience. Ask us for options, or contact us for pricing.

Valet Parking

Contact Misty Willinger to book your next event.


Phone: 314-534-8283

5 Tips for Hosting a Memorable Holiday Work Party


The Holidays are right around the corner and Barnett on Washington is excited to be hosting an array of holiday work parties! Take a look at our best tips for creating a party that your employees won’t soon forget!

  1. Recognition is a Great Gift
    • Hosting a holiday party is the perfect opportunity to get all of your employees in one space to celebrate all of the company’s successes from the year. What a great time to recognize your outstanding employees publicly, while also motivating your team for the next year!
  2. Choosing  a Theme
    • Some of our favorite themes we have seen are Masquerade Balls, Christmas Around the World, Chocolate Factory (or Candyland), Casino Royale and Santa’s Workshop!
    • Choosing a theme will help shape the rest of your event. For example, if you choose Christmas Around the World, create tablescapes that represent different countries throughout the world. And, setup food stations around the room that feature different types of cuisine.
  3. Entertainment
    • It’s not a holiday party until the dance floor is open and guests are ready to bust a move! Invest in a fun live band or interactive DJ to help keep the party moving along. They can also help incorporate a few games throughout the night!
    • Outside of music, consider providing other areas of entertainment throughout the night. For example, host a “Casino Royale” themed party and setup a black jack and poker table for guests to enjoy.
  4. Photo Booth Fun
    • Incorporating a photo booth into your party always creates a fun environment for guests allowing them to kickback and be cheesy!
    • These pictures can be placed back at the office to help create culture! And, the pictures always make for great takeaway gifts for the guests.
  5. Door Prizes
    • Handing out door prizes to your guests upon entering the party automatically creates excitement. These prizes can range from giving out additional vacation days or handing out raffle tickets to be drawn for a big screen TV.
    • If doing a “Santa’s Workshop” theme, create an event that is all about your company giving back to those in need. Consider having each guest bring a small toy for a local charity.

If you are interested in booking your 2015 or 2016 holiday party at Barnett on Washington, email Misty at or call 314-534-8283.

Selecting The Perfect Venue

PhotoElegance_0019 Photoajoy5

Congratulations on your engagement!

The journey you are about to embark on will be full of excitement, happiness, and plenty of decision making. First up, venue selection. We want to share just a few tips that may help make this process stress-free and fun!

Selecting the perfect venue

Before you start booking tours with your favorite venues, it’s a great idea to make a complete list of questions to ask when visiting. This process is sometimes overwhelming and you may forget to ask the right questions in the moment. Having a list will keep you on point and help you make your final decision.

  1. Know your style. What kind of wedding do you visualize? Rustic, classic, eclectic, modern, etc.? Now that you can visualize your style, selecting the right venue will be made much easier.
  2. Can the venue accommodate the size of your party? Be careful if it gets too snug – consider temperature and comfortability of your guests. Don’t be afraid to ask for a sample floor plan of what the space will look like with your party size.  You want to have plenty of room to bust a few moves on the dance floor.
  3. Know your non-negotiables.
    1. Is the perfect date more important than the perfect venue? You may have to be flexible.
    2. It’s a great idea to discuss what the most important detail to each the bride and groom is. For example, an open premium bar may be most important to the groom, while having chiavari chairs is most important to the bride. Find a venue that can make both come to fruition.
    3. Do you want to work with vendors provided by you? If so, a full service venue may not be for you.
    4. Can the venue fully execute your vision? Are they flexible with the setup? Also, be sure to ask if you are able to extend your rental if the party goes late.
  4. Be sure to find out everything that is included. Tables, chairs, linens, plateware, etc. Some full service venues will offer more of these items, while some venues are a blank canvas and rely on the couple to provide most everything.
    1. Before committing to a venue, ask that they put an estimated costs invoice for you. This will help keep your budget in check and ensure hidden fees don’t pop up unexpectedly.
  5. Think the logistics through.
    1. What type of parking is available? Some venues will have a separate lot, while others will just have street parking. If that is the case, be sure to ask about valet being an option for your guests.
    2. How many bathrooms are on site? Are they handicapped accessible?
    3. How many people are visiting from out-of-town? Is the venue close to an airport or convenient for all guests to get to? It’s a good idea to ask about nearby hotels and shuttle service.
    4. If hosting a ceremony and reception at the same venue, be sure to ask if both events will take place in the same space. And, if so, how long it will it take the staff to flip the room for the reception.

Bridal trends

In meeting with our clients, we understand the importance for your event to really embody and represent you as a couple. It is all in the details to highlight your personality and showcase uniqueness.

Trends we are seeing this year…

  • It is all about the party! We continue to see couples place a large amount of their budget on the reception space, catering/bar packages and DJ services to create a lasting impression for each of their guests.
  • The search for an unforgettable, unique venue! While hotels, banquet halls, and country clubs are still very desirable, many couples are searching for a space that really represents their personalities. The couples that visit our beautiful Barnett on Washington are searching for a space that their guests will not soon forget. A space that has character, history, and a natural elegance.
  • Classic weddings are in. Over the past several years, casual weddings have been very popular. Now, it seems the classic, or more traditional wedding is making its way back.
  • Food creativity. Couples are getting creative with their food choices and how the food is presented. Popular styles have been food stations with smaller tastings, to family style seated dinners. Family style dinners keep the table engaged and the conversation flowing.

Cheers to an unforgettable wedding journey!

Chameleon Club Anniversary Celebration

Join us Nov. 6th (6:30-10:30pm) as
we celebrate
our second year of Chameleon Club    

We could not be more excited about our special event on Thursday, Nov. 6th. This will serve as the kickoff to our exciting second year of Chameleon Club. We have a lot of really exciting new additions planned for improving and spicing up the club this year, and supremely hope you will join us for it’s launch.

We could think of no better way to do this than by serving authentic (…and delicious) tailgate-themed food, and providing some world class live rock and blues music from Mars Needs Guitars!

We will be offering a massage therapist at the club on November 6th as well. Cost is per minute, and can be scheduled by using the sign-up sheet at the bar.

In addition to live music, food, and a massage therapist, Chameleon Club will have surprise drink specials, introductory membership specials, an open cigar lounge, and free wi-fi.

Finally, if you’re not currently a member, we’ve completely waived our non-member cover charge for the evening so that this experience can be an open house event. We believe that once you come in and experience the atmosphere of our club, and are able to see all the exciting new plans we have for 2015, that you will fall in love. We hope to see you there. 
Contact us with any questions…

Corporate Holiday Party Planning (St. Louis)

st louis holiday party

St. Louis, MO – Holiday parties can be a great way to improve company morale and relationships between coworkers. It gives everyone a chance to mingle in an intimate, rather than business, setting, and allows families to feel involved as well. Hosting a successful holiday party, however, can take a lot of time and effort. Here are some tips to planning a well-executed event that won’t take up all of your companies time or break the bank.

Get coworkers involved. If the party planning responsibility falls on a group of people, no one will have an abundance of stress. Don’t force participation, but leave the option open for everyone who wants to help. Different people can take care of decorating, food, sending out invitations, and anything else you need. Allowing employees to help plan the event will also increase their appreciation for it, and they will probably have more fun at the actual party.

To reduce costs, consider having door prizes instead of a gift or favor for every employee. Door prizes are still a generous gesture, but fewer items will have to be purchased. Giving away the door prizes will also be a fun activity to get employees excited during the party. Make sure these prizes are not too extravagant, though. Sticking with nice, simple door prizes will keep the costs low and prevent anyone who doesn’t win from feeling too unhappy.

Instead of worrying about making everything perfect, focus on a few details. Get creative. Have a drink special for the employees, provide a high end buffet, pick a theme and decorate accordingly. A memorable evening doesn’t require going all out on every aspect of your party. Emphasizing a few details will make a great impression.

Hopefully these tips will help you plan a stress-free, fun company holiday party for everyone!

Interested in the perfect spot for your party? Try out the beautiful Barnett On Washington in the heart of Midtown St. Louis. Use the contact form below to get pricing and availability.