St. Louis, MO – On Thursday, May 22nd The Barnett On Washington  will play host to an event designed to introduce the public and St. Louis community to the Hicor Group. Hicor is a new local construction company specializing in environmental and historic construction services. The Hicor Group exists under the umbrella of Chameleon Integrated Services – who also own the Barnett On Washington.

The event will run from 5pm-7pm and is completely open to the public. The event is tailored towards those in the banking, architecture, real estate, and property management fields.

More about the event: (Join us on Facebook)

When: Thursday May 22nd  5-7 pm
The Barnett On Washington (3207 Washington Blvd St. Louis, MO 63103)
Who is hosting the event:
The Hicor Group
Why is it being put together:
To introduce the public to the Hicor Group
Who would benefit from attending:
Banking, Architecture, Real Estate and  Property
Management professionals

Why should they attend:
To meet – and understand – what makes the Hicor Group unique, and to get acquainted with the breadthof environmental, historic and construction Services that they offer.

RSVP with Michael Hunt: mlhunt@hicorgroup.com

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