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Thursday, July 10th, the Barnett On Washington will play host to Creatives Night – Part Deux – an opportunity for professionals in the St. Louis marketing, advertising, public relations, and creative marketplace to connect for drinks, cigars, and networking. inside of a fun and engaging environment.

This event is open to those in the creative industry at no charge. Last time it was a blast. We hope that everyone who supported the event, and had a great time will join us once again. Creatives Night will take place from 5pm-12am and will feature some of St. Louis premiere marketing and advertising firms, publications, and organizations. All of the fun will take place once again inside of the elegant, newly renovated Barnett on Washington (3207 Washington Ave).

The event will feature a craft beer tasting courtesy of Urban Chestnut, access to our exclusive cigar room, free wi-fi, and much more. Simply print the free pass located on our blog (link below) to join us for the event. Feel free to invite friends, colleagues, and industry peers to join you. We simply want to show off our beautiful building those in the Creatives industry … because we know you guys like to party, and we hope that you will choose us as a possible future spot for more parties 😉

This will serve as a great opportunity to have fun, relax, attract new business opportunities, meet valuable connections within the industry, and to have a good time around others within a familiar line of work. If you have further questions about the event please fill out the form on our blog, or e-mail us at


Creatives Night Two GP
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