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Elopements are perfect for keeping your special day small and intimate. Barnett on Washington is excited to partner with Reverend Michelle Spies & Pixel Perfect Photography to create the perfect wedding for you without spending thousands of dollars.


Monday – Thursday                                                                                     $475

Ceremony Starts & Concludes before 2pm

Up to 25 guests                                      


Monday – Thursday                                                                                     $550

Ceremony Starts after 2pm

Up to 25 guests

Rate includes:

  • Monday – Thursday Rental
  • 1 Hour Barnett on Washington Venue Rental
  • Reverend, Michelle Spies
  • Pixel Perfect Photography
  • Event Coordinator
  • All Chairs Set in Ceremony Configuration
  • In House Sound System


*Rates not valid on holidays.

*Rates do not include taxes.

*25 guests include wedding couple, attendants, and invited guests.

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