Corporate Holiday Party Planning (St. Louis)

st louis holiday party

St. Louis, MO – Holiday parties can be a great way to improve company morale and relationships between coworkers. It gives everyone a chance to mingle in an intimate, rather than business, setting, and allows families to feel involved as well. Hosting a successful holiday party, however, can take a lot of time and effort. Here are some tips to planning a well-executed event that won’t take up all of your companies time or break the bank.

Get coworkers involved. If the party planning responsibility falls on a group of people, no one will have an abundance of stress. Don’t force participation, but leave the option open for everyone who wants to help. Different people can take care of decorating, food, sending out invitations, and anything else you need. Allowing employees to help plan the event will also increase their appreciation for it, and they will probably have more fun at the actual party.

To reduce costs, consider having door prizes instead of a gift or favor for every employee. Door prizes are still a generous gesture, but fewer items will have to be purchased. Giving away the door prizes will also be a fun activity to get employees excited during the party. Make sure these prizes are not too extravagant, though. Sticking with nice, simple door prizes will keep the costs low and prevent anyone who doesn’t win from feeling too unhappy.

Instead of worrying about making everything perfect, focus on a few details. Get creative. Have a drink special for the employees, provide a high end buffet, pick a theme and decorate accordingly. A memorable evening doesn’t require going all out on every aspect of your party. Emphasizing a few details will make a great impression.

Hopefully these tips will help you plan a stress-free, fun company holiday party for everyone!

Interested in the perfect spot for your party? Try out the beautiful Barnett On Washington in the heart of Midtown St. Louis. Use the contact form below to get pricing and availability.


The Knot Rocked St. Louis At The Barnett On Washington

barnett knot 2barnett knot1

On April 17th, The Knot invaded the Barnett on Washington for their annual Midwest mixer. The event was coordinated by Lacy Branch and featured a lovely display of decor and design.

St. Louis has always been a hotspot for beautiful Midwest weddings, but the Barnett on Washington showed once again why it is such a beautiful venue to behold. Lacy, with the help of The Knot team and partners, were able to transform the Barnett’s traditional, elegant, Spainish-mission style decor into something totally it’s own.

For more pictures of this beautiful event click here to see the Facebook photo album.

Thank you to all of the partners who made it great…

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St Louis – Programmers, Hackers, and Tech Entrepreneurs Night

programmers, hackers, and tech entrepreneurs night

Thursday, January 16th the Barnett on Washington will play host to Programmers, Hackers, and Tech Entrepreneurs Night – an opportunity for  professionals in the St. Louis technology world to connect for drinks, cigars, and networking. The event is hosted by The Barnett On Washington’s weekly networking club, Chameleon Club. The event is free of charge and open to everyone in the St. Louis tech community.

Programmers, Hackers, and Tech Entrepreneurs Night will take place from 5pm-12am and will feature St. Louis’ premiere technology start-ups, top industry professionals, and largest growing organizations. All of the fun will take place inside of the elegant, newly renovated Barnett on Washington (3207 Washington Blvd St. Louis, MO 63130).

The event will feature fine liquor and wine tastings, access to our exclusive cigar room, free wi-fi, strong opportunities for networking, and much more. Simply print the free pass located below to join us for the event. We encourage you to invite an friends or colleagues that may be interested in taking part in the event as well.

This will serve as a great opportunity to attract new business opportunities, meet valuable connections within the industry, gain a better understanding of the tech industry in St. Louis, and to have a good time around others within a familiar industry. If you or your organization is interested in finding out more about this unique and exclusive event fill out the contact form below.

UPDATE: We have a had a tremendous response so far and expect this event to be a fantastic gathering of St. Louis area innovators and tech community members. Help us continue to spread the work by sharing the event on Twitter or Facebook.

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Jan 16th pass

The Barnett On Washington Experience

Check out this great video from the Barnett On Washington grand opening. It provides an exquisite look into the beauty and elegance of our wonderful venue.  The short video should paint an excellent portrait as to why our venue would make a great place to have your next corporate event, wedding, private gathering, or holiday party. However, just like many things in life, a video cannot fully portray the atmosphere that a place like Barnett on Washington has to offer. We invite you to join us Thursday evenings for Chameleon Club to experience it first hand. For more information about the venue use the contact form below, or contact us at 636.448.1747.

3 Things For Every St. Louis Wedding

By: Tyler Bishop

The city of St. Louis is filled with it’s own culture. Those who grew up in the area understand the nuances of this dynamic as they share commonality and address each other with questions such as; where did you go to high school, and what’s your favorite italian place? But what does it look like when these people from St. Louis get married? If a people embody their culture, how do St. Lousian’s reflect their culture in ceremonies, receptions, and celebration? Today we are going to look at three things that are indicative of a St. Louis wedding.

  1. St. Louis weddings are thrifty:

    According to, St. Louis couples spend far less on weddings than the national average. While living costs and wedding event costs are slightly more affordable in the area, there is no doubt that St Louis natives know how to extract some big bang for their buck.

    The demographic in St. Louis is also consistent with the national average as well. This tells us that those getting married in St. Louis aren’t just less well off than the rest of the country, they simply spend less. You could argue that those planning a wedding should glean a few tips from St. Louis folks if they want to save a few bucks. As it stands, St. Louis brides and grooms just know how to come in under budget I suppose.

    “Couples that live in or travel to Saint Louis City, MO spend between $12,722 and $21,203 on average for their wedding. However, most couples spend less than $10,000… On average, US couples spend $25,656 for their wedding. However, the majority of couples spend between $19,242 and $32,070. This does not include cost for a honeymoon.” –

  2. St Louis weddings are close and personal:

    The average St. Louis wedding contains between 147-157 guests, according to The Wedding Report. The national average is closer to 187. Perhaps there is an easy correlation we can draw upon between the cost of the wedding and the number of guests. St Louis brides and grooms enjoy a simple, personal, and affordable wedding, makes sense. Again, the demographics are similar to those across the nation, so we can largely attribute much of this to a cultural dynamic in “The Lou”.

    The culture of shared experiences and attitudes in St. Louis make sit very interesting that many brides and grooms would select a smaller more personal experience for their big day. However, one could also make the leap that relationships are exceedingly important in this sort of climate, and that something that is smaller and more personable could make the experience more memorable as well.

  3. St Louis weddings are early:

    Perhaps this is a no brainer. St. Louis’ peak months for weddings are April and May, compared to June and July in most other environments, according to and Anyone who has sat outside on a June or July day in St. Louis knows that the heat and humidity can be brutal. It’s no surprise that many brides forgo signing up for an exhaustive photo shoot or ceremony exposed in that kind of heat for a date that could be a little cooler in an earlier month.

    While not all weddings or photo shoots will take place outside, it’s hard to escape the transfer from building to building on an action packed wedding day. For those that have walked out the door on a 95 degree, high humidity day here in the Midwest, you’ll remember that it doesn’t take long for the hot thick air to start sticking to everything. Brides and Grooms alike in St. Louis likely take this into account when booking their big day.

When considering everything together, you get a nice picture of the typical St. Louis wedding. A typical St. Louis wedding strongly reflects the St Louisian we’ve all come to know. They appreciate strong personal relationships, enjoy a simple and timeless atmosphere, and enjoy the comforts of the Midwest environment. It’s a perfect mix to describe life in “The Lou”.

For more information on planning and developing the perfect St. Louis wedding contact the crew at Barnett on Washington, one of St. Louis top wedding venues, for more information. Use the contact form below, and we will respond the same day.